Manik Deshmukh

State Vice President, Karnataka Rural Tourism Council


Passionate about Nature and wildlife, Manik loves to travel all over India and sometimes abroad to spend time in forests with wildlife and birds. Serving in teaching profession for 26 years, gave her chance to interact with the students and she realised that students though are very enthusiastic and keen to know about Nature and wildlife are having very limited knowledge about it. So she started to share her experiences of travel, forests, wildlife and birds with them, whenever it was possible. And step by step the journey of creating Nature awareness and conservation was expanded to other schools too. Because of her hobby of wildlife and Nature photography, she had hundreds of photographs which are used as a tool to explain the importance of environment and biodiversity. She is doing various Nature awareness programmes for students. Donating Photo Posters with awareness messages, to schools, is one of the major projects of her. She firmly believes, if the students are guided properly, they will surely conserve our valuable Natural assets.

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