Olga Gorobets

President, Ukraine -India Business Council


Olga is a highly energetic and motivated professional who possess almost 30 years’ experience in the top international trading company (Global 500 Company) with 20 years expertize in executive roles. In these roles she incorporated the wealth of vast and diverse business experience and insights and developed her entrepreneurial mindset. She further broadened her understanding of business and strategic leadership through the Executive MBA at Sheffield University. Being a strong communicator with organizational and critical thinking skills, she is committed to find the way through action and experimentation, and believes that business success is about leading people, not hitting the targets. She always pays the utmost attention to the coaching element and to the development of a collaborative culture in the company with focus on building trust, engagement and commitment. I will provide you with the Olga worked with around 100 companies worldwide in different cultural environments and gained a degree of cultural sensitivity that allows her to smoothly adapt and successfully work across any culture. With time Olga realized that her energy, purpose and inspiration were largely derived from helping others to maximize their potential and giving people support, skills and “sounding board”. She decided to expand her understanding of business by focusing on organizational behaviors and change management and obtained a global Executive Master in Consulting and Coaching for Change (Clinical Organizational Psychology) at INSEAD to go deeper into the basic drivers of human behavior and the hidden dynamics of organizations. Thus, her practical experience in organizational behavior, people’s management and cross-cultural communication is strongly supported by the academic rigor of psychoanalytic theory that added an extra value to Olga’s expertise and practice and became a unique combination that enables her to develop an innovative mindset and to deal with complex human situations within organizations and to create more effective organizations and support Leadership Development and Personal transition. Olga is keen to bring to organizations and society a fresh way of thinking and a look at business from a new angle.

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