Rishika Sharma

State President, Delhi Ethics Council


Rishika is part of the Core Team at The RASICH Group (TRG) and Eight Goals One Foundation (8one), where she leads consulting initiatives across both, business and social sector engagements. She has a Masters in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) and has conducted Gender Sensitisation workshops with young children at the Centre for Social Change in Barola, Uttar Pradesh. She has previously worked on the WNCB Project (‘Work: No Child’s Business’), which is a joint consortium of local and international partners in India and other five countries with an aim to contribute to United Nations' SDG 8.7. Rishika worked with the Partition Museum where she analysed 'the woman question’ during the partition and recorded oral histories of partition survivors. She was acknowledged for this in the book ‘Divided by Partition United by Resilience’. In recent years, she has written critical reviews, short papers, and articles on themes such as ‘Uniform Civil Code and Religious Fundamentalism’, ‘Feminist Theorisation of the State’, ‘Preconditions of Totalitarianism’, ‘Triangular Othering’, among others. Her interest lies in having conversations and working towards the practicality of theoretical concepts of gender, patriarchy, feminism, the gendered nature of language, human rights, gendered nationalism, body rights, gendered politics, peace, conflict, violence and sexualities. Rishika was also recently awarded the India Volunteer Award, 2020 and was made the National Ambassador for Inclusion by the Integrated Volunteers Network (IVN).

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