Alakananda Das

President, India - Bangladesh Business Council


Born in Guwahati Assam. Educational journey from different parts of India and graduated Graduated from Miranda House, Delhi University. Spent her childhood days away from her hometown in remote areas of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh to name a few due to her father’s Government transferable job. Got married early & soon after her marriage she came back to Assam and made it her permanent home. She has been blessed with two children- son and a daughter. Started her career as a high school and elementary school teacher in Guwahati. She made a switch to the beauty industry in early 2000’s as a network marketing consultant and beauty advisor. Worked for companies like Avon, Mary Kay, Ecosway etc. After working for few years in this industry, she knew she had to start her entrepreneurial journey. . She knew her calling was as a fashion and textile designer. Founder of CPink; a designer boutique outlet for innovative traditional handloom textile she spear headed the village adoption programs under Ficci flo With knowledge of grassroots handloom weaving industries in rural India, she started social entrepreneurship journey in 2015 and thereby founded her NGO named TOGORR (Traditional Opportunities Growth of Rural Resources) that understands the rural issues and take measures to control and reduce Rural to Urban migration. They strive hard towards the wellness of the people in the Rural areas and empower the villagers in developing their financial status in various sectors like reviving weaving, craft works, jewellery and working on recycling projects etc. Also, along with her mother & daughter they work towards making handloom a viable source of income for the Assamese silk weavers by bringing positive impact to Mother Earth. Currently she is associated with KVIC northeast A social worker and entrepreneur who is in a mission to make changes for the Northeastern Region by giving them growth opportunities and the right market link for product and service development. Constantly striving in solving issues which goes beyond one problem solution. Closely connected with rural societies in Assam and rest of the region by providing for their basic needs and uplifting them. Working with different global forums gives her the opportunity and right platform to voice out the rural development problems in today’s world. Under her days in FICCI Flo as Ex vice chairperson for Northeast Chapter, had successfully completed a village adoption programme by uplifting their handloom skills and set-up a drinking water treatment plant. Her post and recognition in the society Awarded Women of decade for community development in thev2018 by Women Economic Forum - Ex Vice Chairperson FICCI Flo Northeast Chapter: 2016 - Chairperson All Ladies League Northeast Chapter: 2017 - present - Northeast Coordinator for Women Economic Forum 2018 - present - Executive Member of Healthcare Society, Assam - Working President Healthcare Society (ladies forum), Assam - Treasurer Healthcare Society (ladies forum), Guwahati Chapter - Executive Member for Delhi Alumni Association of Assam00

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