Ana Sebek

Vice President, Montenegro - India Business Council


I am a graduate economist and advisor in the Directorate for Investments, Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and EU Project Management - Ministry of Economy of Montenegro. For many years I have been involved in the process of economic empowerment of women in Montenegro, through work in the Working Group for the development and monitoring of the Action Plan for Achieving Gender Equality and the work of the Council for Gender Equality. I am the coordinator of the Working Group for the development and monitoring of the Strategy for the Development of Women's Entrepreneurship in Montenegro (2015-2020). I have collaborated on several projects implemented nationally and internationally. As a member of the Association of Business Women of Montenegro and as a member of the Network "Women in Management" of the Union of Employers of Montenegro, I was a panelist at numerous conferences in Montenegro and countries in the region - on women's entrepreneurship. Working in the Ministry and through cooperation with women and various business associations, I created a network of contacts and was recognized as someone who successfully promotes women's entrepreneurship.

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