Ananya Aggarwal

State President, Kerala Cybersecurity Council


Ananya is a law student at NUJS, Kolkata, India, a premier law school in India. She is the founder, editor-in-chief and host of Ex Curia International, a global platform for International Dispute Resolution. She is an accredited civil-commercial mediator in the UK, Singapore and India. Ananya is an International Mediation Institute (IMI) and SCMA certified mediation advocate, a SIMI certified practitioner in dispute resolution and a certified arbitration advocate by the K&N Hingorani Foundation. An ADR enthusiast, Ananya holds numerous accolades to her name. Ananya is the winner of the most prestigious negotiation competition in India; i.e the Vth NLS NMC (Bangalore), 2019. She represented India at the 22nd International Negotiation Competition (INC), Tokyo, Japan, 2019, the oldest negotiation competition in the world. She secured a 'special award' out of 66 teams present at the prestigious 15th International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Competition, 2020 held in Paris, France. Ananya was an attendee at the signing of the Historic Singapore Convention on Mediation, 2019.

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