Anisa Zafar

Vice President, Switzerland - India Business Council


She was born in Middle East, where people enjoy warm sun, in a country with kind and generous people, where one can smell fresh bread and food being prepared with love. She was blessed to have a spiritual family, she waking up on Friday mornings with holy prayers of her grandpa. She grew up with the energy of prayers and the smell of Jasmin flowers. She has been fed with the unconditional love of her family and friends; she learned and experienced the presence of the Divine and the fresh breeze of trust in God. She left her beloved country and family at the age of 17 and she moved to Europe to follow her dream and learn chemistry Alchemy! The mysterious science of life! Far from her land going through many feelings in these years, she went through sorrow, sadness and pain; she is so grateful that God let her feel all these states.

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