Bahaar Ghuman

Union Territory Vice President, Chandigarh Anti-Sexual Harassment Council


Bahaar has always worked towards uplifting women from a very young age. Having attended an all-girls school, Bahaar developed her emotional intelligence and started using it to help others. This became her driving force to do bigger things. She stood up and got elected as U.I.L.S.’s Departmental Representative (DR), becoming a female DR U.I.L.S. had seen after a long time. She personally got involved in representing Women of her Department who became pray to any Harassment. She raised her voice against Sexual Harassment and became the voice for the voiceless and the timid. She set strong precedents for her juniors. She is currently a practicing advocate at the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Her main area of practice is to getting Women’s Right to Life Protected. She has devoted her practice to work for all woman, whether rich or poor. She believes in fighting for what is right and goes head on to tackle it even at the expense of her own personal safety. In addition to her practice, Bahaar helps women by educating their children in Pandemic, educating women about their voting rights, human rights, triple talaq judgment, RTIs, Scholarships, and other ways in which they can themselves be equipped to protect themselves. Bahaar believes her profession to be a noble one and aims to bring a change in the life of the hopeless by doing Pro Bono work. She is currently pouring her heart and soul into a PIL that she will file to help women all over India.

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