Bernardita Rodriguez

President, Costa Rica - India Business Council

Costa Rica

Bernardita Rodriguez is the co-founder and business consultant of Firmamento Capital Partner, a company specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions as well as Business Assessment finding capital for different types or diverse businesses. She is personally focusing in short future on sustainability, social responsibility and innovations that might reduce carbon footprint. Bernardita has a postgraduate degree in Public Relationships and Communication from Autonomous University of Central America in Costa Rica. She has 20 years’ Managerial experience in the Private Banking & Finance industry. She also has experience in fundraising for Programs from Inter-American Development Bank (BID) to support raising women and children out of poverty, as part of a Government Project approved in2014. Bernardita has a vision to advance the big strides Costa Rica has taken as a nation to become 100% carbon neutral, in the international community. She believes that using the resources in the financial world more consciously it will be much easier to create a better world.

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