Bharti Athray

National Vice President, Financial Literacy & Management Council


A Communications Professional specialising in Strategy and Copywriting, I have been in the advertising business for 30 years now. Having worked across small and mid sized agencies early in my career, I have been heading Source Graphix, a 12-member Creative Design and Communications Agency as a Partner since 2006-07. During this period, we have serviced over 100 clients across a host of industries. My strength lies in working closely with teams to understand their long term goals, and build campaigns, brand assets and properties that define future strategies. I have worked extensively in the B2B communications space, developing newsletters, emailer campaigns, brand campaigns and more. Over the decades, I have acquired domain expertise in Finance, Coaching (school and competitive), Architecture, Furniture, Ergonomics. An investor myself, with interest in all kinds of asset classes, I am a strong advocate of Financial Literacy in early years, across all groups of society. A proponent of financial independence for women, I believe schools and colleges must conduct courses on the importance of understanding finance, its management and implication on the lives on individuals and families. I am an active member of Lean In Mumbai, and am currently serving a 6 month tenure as Community Leader. I am mother to two wonderful boys and work closely with them discussing the growing need for gender equality, respect for hard work and integrity. And of course finance. A passionate artist, crafter, journal for self development, I constantly look for ways to be more productive, more focussed and more efficient.

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