Dr. Anchal M Dua

State President, Karnataka Holistic Wellness & Resorts Council


Dr. Anchal M Dua, is a Master Mind Coach, Certified Life Transformation Coach. Founder Director ‘isucceed’ Education and Training Academy. An able Administrator, Chief Mentor, Educationist and Wellness Coach. An MBA (HR) with Postgraduate degree in Sociology, Degree in Education and a Certified Life Skills and Soft Skills Trainer has an overall experience of over 30 years as Lecturer, Professor, Principal in various schools and colleges. Doctorate (Youth Empowerment) Honoured by United Nations, Certified in Psychological First Aid, Certified Trainer Positive Psychology, Diploma in Psychological Counselling, Certified Trainer R K institute of Divine Studies. Her favourite line ‘Thrive to become effective and efficient, Pursue Excellence’ Master the ‘AORT’ Art of Right Thinking A PROGRAM CONCEPTUALIZED, DESIGNED, DEVELOPED AND DELIVERED BY Dr. Anchal M Dua. Master ‘AORT’ program trains you in the science of achievement and Art of fulfilment primarily facilitating exploration of SELF ‘AORT’ is an intensive workshop for Life Transformation and wellness that guides in transforming the perspective about self by connecting to the potential within self through scientifically proven techniques. AORT ‘Reprogramming the Mind’ is a program put together after several years of research on various aspects of self and understanding of human psychology, sociology, and neuroscience. Thousands of students have been trained under her to pursue excellence and achieve Self Mastery Thank you WICCI for inviting me to be the State President Karnataka. I look forward to contributing in the areas of women empowerment and wellness of mind. Time to shift the orientation to the feminine by releasing the strictly masculine approach to everything. Time for women to be the harbinger of shift in consciousness. The original custodians of the feminine are women. Let us emerge her calibre, her grace, her wisdom, her ability, nurture, nourish and uplift. Let women gather and transform themselves physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, professionally and socially. Let us be the force that transforms with sensitivity and sensibility. Through WICCI let us reach out and make a big difference.

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