Dr. V.V.Manjula Kumari

State President, Andhra Pradesh Health & Fitness Council


Fifteen years of dedicated experience in Physiotherapy treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and skeletal & muscle illnesses. Good expertise in the formulation & execution of varied therapy programs and performing patient assessment. Knowledge of implementing acute patient care, creating awareness regarding physiotherapy and conservative management of obesity. Motivational speaker and educator on organ donation. Conducted a few health awareness camps in rural areas regarding physiotherapy, Organ donation awareness and conservative management of obesity using physiotherapeutics, counselling postpartum depression cases in women, promoting healthy lifestyle including balanced diet/appropriate nutritional advice as per their health condition and minimal exercises, did few live interactive Television shows both in satellite as well as local channels, administration of the clinic as a whole by handling inter personal relationship with patients, their attendants and co-ordinating the other therapists, Planning treatment protocols to obese patients with non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss treatments based on their medical history. Treated about 7500+ obese patients successfully in 5 years 6 months. By counselling and awareness programs regarding lifestyle modification in obese patients and basic ergonomics, improved the quality of life after treatments in our clinic, by which, the obese patients maintain their lost weight and adapted to the healthy lifestyle.

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