Ingabire Muziga Mamy

President, Rwanda - India Business Council


Passionate about improving lives, Ingabire is a resourceful professional with extensive experience in development and management of projects and programs aiming at improving lives and transforming futures. She has performed a wide range of projects within both the public and the private sectors, for global corporations as well as International agencies. Ingabire Mamy is the Managing Director of Charis UAS, a recent and fast-developing start-up. It is a first ever leading and licensed Drone Company in Rwanda. Ingabire has immensely contributed in using innovations to tackle some of the biggest challenges in Agriculture and in other various sectors including construction, Mapping, Powerline Inspection, health sector, Mining, film documentary etc… through the use of digital technologies especially Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) known as Drone to provide new revenue and value producing opportunities. She has led several UAV based projects in Agriculture, environmental, construction and in other sectors that has created new knowledge, education and employment opportunities for youth. Mamy also plays a key role as an accountable manager in maintaining safety standards required by regulations. She has a corporate authority to ensure that all operations and maintenance system activities be financed and carried to the standard required. Ingabire Mamy holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Life Sciences with a Major in Biotechnology from Midrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ingabire Mamy has also completed courses in Project Management and Virtual program of Leadership and Management.

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