Iva Schubart

President, Czech Republic - India Business Council

Czech Republic

Iva loves life and personal growth. Her mission is to inspire passionate ambitious women and visionary leaders: enable them to realize their dreams and use the law of attraction to achieve their personal and professional goals. Most importantly - to love themselves, building the highest self regard, developing Emotional Intelligence - to experience the career and personal their dreams. Through her inspiring appearance on stage she empowers her audience to realize who they are and what they can become. Her thought-provoking approach triggers her audience to wake up and question the many limiting beliefs they adopted over decades. Reconsider what successful path lies ahead if you chose to. Finding your Why, your purpose - why you are here. Her own transformation on a very challenging road to success with many set-backs, led her to master coaching & mentoring based on the law of attraction. She is a certified personal career coach & mentor, author and speaker. Born in Cairo near the Pyramids, of Czech descent, and established herself in the Netherlands since 25+ years. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering she built her 30+ years career in the corporate world - with all the pressure and dramatic ups & downs: As a leader in management positions in sales, export and purchasing. Finally she set up her Coaching & Consulting Practice in the Netherlands and from here she travels the world to inspire her audiences. Her book “Sanguine-Love” is selling at Amazon. She is also the co-author of the bestseller book "Voices of the 21st Century: Women who Influence, Inspire and Make a Difference”. Iva has been awarded "woman of excellence" by Women economic forum. She is honored to represent the role of President of the first women chamber of industry and commerce for bilateral council Czech republic-India. She is also a devoted mother of her two daughters. IVA also stands for Inspiration - Vibration - Attraction. Once you meet Iva on stage, she will leave a lasting impression of empowerment, especially for women who want to enjoy life over 40 to the fullest - and Millennial’s that need to find their calling to start a fulfilling successful career.

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