Julia Norris

Vice President, Eastern Canada - India Business Council


Julia Norris is dedicated to assisting her global family in ways that can best support and empower them. She has been actively involved in social service programs focused on supporting marginalized populations, including those living in poverty, experiencing homelessness, mental health or addiction challenges, unemployment, at-risk youth, women escaping domestic violence, and families involved with child protection services. For 3 years, Julia was a Member of the Board of Directors for West Niagara Second Stage Housing and Counselling, an agency that provides housing, counselling, and other supports for women and children escaping domestic violence. She is currently Office Coordinator for Partners Worldwide Canada, an international charity that supports various enterprise development programs around the world. Julia is also a family relationship coach at Solutions For Life and helps families establish, restore, and maintain healthy, communicative relationships between parents and their teens and pre-teens and provides emotional healing support to help others move beyond traumatic experiences into a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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