Magdalena Segui Cerda

Vice President, Spain- India Business Council


Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, she has been an artist and teacher for several years of her life. Showing a true interest for all art expressions from a very early stage, she trained in disciplines such as Contemporary Dance, theater and lyrical singing, participating in numerous multidisciplinary projects in her homeland, Mallorca (Spain). "The search for Beauty understood as the balance that leads us to an ever greater connection with the soul and its material manifestation" has been the engine that has led her to explore the human being in all its complexity. She has also been formed on the basis of Ayurvedic Medicine, Tibetan Massage, Tai-chi, Chi-Kung, Psychology of Consciousness, ... allowing to combine the world of Art with therapies about personal growth having as a result an unique and personal perspective on her field. Since 2008, her work has been focused on the female world, either through business coaching or participating in women's associations (for example as president of “Dones per la Feina”), helping to create and strengthen a social fabric and business from the perspective and experience of women. "Make women visible from all walks of life, recognize and value their contribution in the world as it has been up to now, generating trust and love so that each woman is free to choose and honor her path, whatever it may be", are the premises that mark the steps of Magdalena. This has been further expanded when, as of 2014, she began to become part of the world of politics, acting as Council Member at the City Council of her town. Her management has covered the areas of Social Services, Residence, Personal Resources, Health and she also promoted the creation of Equality Area. It is in this last stage where she has been able to incorporate a new perspective in the field of public administration, , incorporating sensitivity and humanity, regardless of their gender, ideology, religious beliefs, ... A policy focused on people and their real needs. "She is a professional who truly cares about people's well-being."

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