Mallika Ghuman

Union Territory President, Chandigarh Anti-Sexual Harassment Council


Mallika has always been inclined towards giving back to society. She is highly driven by a quote by Edward Everett Hale- "I cannot do everything but I can do something." Interning under Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, she has attended workshops for training Disabled persons in filing RTIs. She has worked in various NGOs and her prime focus has been to uplift women around her. She has mentored many law students and helped them personally and academically. She is persnoally involved in protecting the rights of other women like childhood rape victims, who face harassment on the basis of their sexuality(LGBTQ+) and Harassment at work place. At Kartavyam, she has put all her hard work and dedication in launching India's first Virtual Legal Aid Cell. Currently at Kartavyam, she is working with Delhi Police to provide free certificate courses to the public on numerous topics like legal awareness, self-development, soft skills, self defence, prevention of sexual harassment at work place, etc. She has also launched and worked at Kartavyam's campaigns for sex workers, street vendors, animals, etc. She sternly believes that the purpose of one's life shall not only be to have basic Human Rights as they are just the bare minimum rights a person needs to have. A person's aim should be to develop to their full potential and never have to worry about their basic human rights. Everyone must have their human rights protected without any struggle. As protection of human rights is the ultimate human right in itself.

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