Mapulane Phohleli Tsikoane

President, Lesotho - India Business Council


’Mapulane as she is officially known, grew up known as Litsoanelo. A name given to her by her doting parents and family, she is a woman who epitomizes and follows her names in the Sesotho saying “Lebitso lebe ke seromo” – meaning the name given to you, you shall follow to the last dot of the letter “I” and last dash of the letter “t”. Notwithstanding that she was given the names befitting of her stature and social standing to those who know and those blessed enough to still know her or of her, starting with Litšoanelo; she knows that in everything she does she must start first with acknowledgement of her creator giving Him what is due to Him (Litšoanelo tsa hae) in praise and worship. ‘Mapulane the one who has a blessing of birthing rain, birthing blessings of rain, indeed her names are and carry a blessing in whatever she touches where ever she lays her foot, God (who still remains to date despite her achievements as her first love) and the Universe conjure up power and bestows it on her for she first gives it up and its returned multifold.

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