Maya Pradeep

State President, Karnataka Textile Council


Dr Maya Pradeep is the Founder of Haute Couture, and a Designated Partner in Beyond Z Consulting LLP. She is also the Chairperson for Karnataka State of Women Entrepreneur’s Development Council. With 2 decades of experience in the international fashion market she started her first venture` Haute Couture’ in 2008. She collaborated with various International Fashion Brands and brought them to India for their complete design, sourcing and manufacturing thus promoting India as the manufacturing hub. She is also a model and a winner of Crown for Mrs Heritage World and has leveraged the recognition she received in beauty pageants to be a voice of women’s empowerment. She is the brand ambassador for some International Fashion labels. She was felicitated with a doctorate in social work from Global Peace Academy, USA. Dr.Maya is very passionate about empowering woman. Her message to every girl and women out there is that each one of you is valuable, powerful and deserving of every chance in the world to pursue your dreams and make it a better place for yourself. ``I must say I always believed in being who I am and not what the world wanted me to be. I cultivated an elegant mind and soul because Elegance is the only beauty that does not fade away with time and elegant women don’t do drama , we do life’’ ‘I also believe that Feminism is not about making women strong. Women are already strong. It is about the changing the way the world perceives that strength of women. Dr.Maya feels women participation in nation building plays a important role as women represent 50% of the population in the country and their voice and opinion matters. Women are the ones shaping the society and so they need to come forward and be the game changer. Currently Dr. Maya has joined politics to be the catalyst to bring about a change in the governance.

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