Meenal Gupta

State President, Haryana Public Service Council


I am a Content Writer by profession and a learner of Counselling Psychology. I have also worked as an Educator for 3.5 years and gained insight into the lifetsyle of different women at different ages and posts. The experiences gained during teaching life were the inspirations for writing different articles in Psychology Magazines, anthologies as well as in newspapers. The articles were meant to create awareness in the society about handling stress, problems and even children of different age groups. Being a learner myself, I value the power of learning something new, every now and then. And with the help of my council, I would be glad to spread the idea of being an inquisitive learner. I believe women are capable of doing everything, but sometimes all we need is some kindness, guidance and appreciation. And I along with my council members will try to provide everything we can, to make a difference.

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