Monika Jain

State Vice President, Delhi Rural Development Council


AUTHOR |EDUCATION|IT REFORMIST|MENTOR Has been working as HOD Bachelor of Commerce Computer Application for more than 15 years. Having worked as the Internal Quality assurance Cell Coordinator, have the opportunity to work towards sustainable rural development in villages. This has given her the chance to work towards various issues related to rural development. For Swacha Bharat Abhiyan researched for the implementation of sustainable bio-toilets feasibility as electronically self-cleaning and water conservation mechanism As an educator has always believed in giving equal opportunity to each and every student for education. This made her conduct research on Inclusive Education and its challenges As a women has always been inclined towards making young girls and women sensitive towards menstrual health and hygene. This led me to research on various organic menstrual products and their impact on environment. Along with my co-authors SHE has developed a model -training programme for educating all the stakeholders related to this issue. Now acting as a mentor to the students of BBA and BCCA Has worked as a translator for NPTEL course “Introduction to Parallel programming in OpenMP”. I also topped the NPTEL course “Global marketing Management” in May2022, received the Best Paper Award in 7th FS- Congress International conference on Excellence in Marketing and Tourism management( ICE MTM-2022), paper titled "Preferences and Perception of women towards carious organic menstrual products". Inclined towards social work and this has made her undertake various Institutional social responsibility Activities involving young, adults and needy orphanages, old age homes etc

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