Nidhi Tandon

State President, Karnataka Fashion Council


A Crowned queen herself, a proud mother and an advocate for beauty with brains, Nidhi is an entrepreneur , fashion designer and a stylist. She has been very active in the world of fashion and has worked with various celebrities. She has worked extensively to promote social causes such as diabetes awareness , women empowerment, educating underprivileged children, go green cause and has also supported many environmental initiatives. Nidhi is a brains behind MCI Pageants: Miss/Mr./Mrs. Corporate India and believes that being an entrepreneur should be about the impact you leave on the society and improving people’s Live for better. “We are dedicated to honor the working class and to celebrate their talent and intellect. We transform them to be role models and inspiration to the entire corporate world”. A post graduate in computer applications and business studies, she was mentored by Cherie Blair foundation, who mentors women in business program, got selected among 55 women from 300 Countries and 16 women who were selected in India.

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