Nimisha Rattan

Vice President, India - Germany Business Council


We all are small dots on the bigger canvas of this creation, doing our own part as far as possible’. This is the latest realization that the time has put in front of us, when we are facing the most challenging period of our lives amidst the Covid 19 terror. We understand that there is a strong and powerful force behind each and every act happening on this planet. We know we are limited human beings but with a huge potential and natural instincts. This is the time to follow your own inner voice and seek the right direction and guidelines, that the nature has already defined for us. Let us be agile, structured and disciplined to follow the rhythm and order of nature, so that we can make this war going into victory. WALKING YOGINI (NIMISHA RATTAN): With this wisdom and sensitivity, we would like to introduce Nimisha Rattan, a Wellness Professional and an experienced practitioner of Integrated Alternate Therapies since more than a decade based in India. Walking Yogini is a powerful concept of Nimisha’s mind, where she has a desire to thrive and thrust to Heal the World as a Yogini. She walks and she would reach to teach the psychology of being human. For the world and its beautiful people she has a message of sisterhood and a deep connectivity by aligning their body, mind and soul. She suggests that there are different culture, different people with different emotions and circumstances and she would like to share the best from her heart to bridge the gaps of what is missing in their lives. For her the idea of wellness includes to completely comprehend the structure of body in all its dimensions and to frequently recognise the limitations or obstructions in the areas of physical, physiological and psychological systems of the body. She believes there is always a cause behind certain condition of the body and till we work on that key factor, our body can never reach to its point of natural balance or equilibrium. Through her consultations or counselling she tries to help people reach that spot of Perfect Health where she guides people to experience physical healing, emotional freedom, mental expansion and higher state of consciousness through her presence and her Holistic Touch. She is a great teacher, who loves to conduct classes based on her own experience with different modules of Healing Yoga, Dynamic Meditations, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Bio field or Energy Medicine. She picks the material as defined in the Ancient Indian Traditional Literature and transforms it in an easy way that integrates completely with the needs of a modern man. She provides a wide variety of programmes, retreats and training schedules that help to restore balance, accelerate healing, that encourages transformation at all levels of well being. Nimisha’s sensitive edge is reflected, where she has designed courses for the women, to paint them as a butterfly, always seeking the nectar of life. She believes that the softness inside a woman is actually the strongest element, that equips her to be flexible in any type of circumstances. With love, kindness, peace and silence; many great battles can be won. She guides to create a sacred space for oneself, reduce toxic patterns inside our body to reach at our highest potentials. Woman is the embodiment of innocence, wisdom, maturity and care. She has a way of her own to recreate the life in its best possible manner, under any given situation. Nimisha teaches them the art of Self Healing through Self Awareness. As being a thought leader and a world traveller and she has been recognised as a speaker and a valued customer by the Global Spa and Wellness Summit, held in India in 2013 and Cornell Hospitality Symposium in 2015. She is highly associated with Healing Hotels of the World in Cologne Germany, where she is invited by different hotels to conduct her her programmes on Wellness through Wellbeing. She was selected as a speaker by the HHOTW in Portugal in May 2019, where her speech and her meditative techniques on alignment of physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies via Mind Body Medicine was highly appreciated. She is a blog writer and writes articles on “Self Healing Through Self Awareness”, and help people to learn tools and techniques to fix their health otherwise suffering the impact of new age lifestyle. She believes that people have more expectations from the wellness centres to find a complete solution for their health and wellbeing. So, one needs to approach the right kind of guidance of a healer, who can better understand the psychology of its client and work precisely on the key Issues of the body. Her believe was affirmed by world renowned Oprah Winfrey, who experienced her in “Ananda Spa” and appreciated her for being “on the right path to show the best path to the people”. HEALING YOGA : Nimisha practices “Holistic Yoga”, that she believes is a form that cultivates the different ways and levels to balance the mind, body and spirit. Holistic yoga assimilates the power of asanas to strengthen the muscles, joints and bones, the interpretation of breath through Pranayam; to channelise the hidden powers within, and when combined with the philosophy of Yoga becomes a powerful tool that helps to make life an easy concept to follow. Based on this, she has designed programmes to handle the stress factors in Corporate, Hospitals, Hospitality, Tourists, Schools and Colleges etc. DYNAMIC MEDITATION : Dynamic meditation is a deep concept of meditation that works on the sub conscious level of the mind. The meditation helps to release the mind from its own entanglement of the past experiences, mental trauma or emotional sufferings. These are the original meditations as mentioned in the Indian Yogic literature for 5000 years back. Also these meditations help one to reach from gross level to super consciousness, resulting ultimately in eternal bliss or SAT – CHIT – ANANDA, which is the aim of yoga. The program includes individual or group attention and teaching people how to understand their mind at subtle level so that one can have a better control on the situations inside and outside world. AYURVEDA LIFESTYLE: There is an endeavour to offer whole body purifying therapies with the combination of time tested ancient traditional discipline of Ayurveda. A cordial principal for the Ancient Hindus was that the mind is the body and the body is the mind. Also that the beautifying of mind is beautifying of body and vice versa. Ayurveda if adopted as a lifestyle can become a powerful therapy to bring life to its natural flow with the nature. It is very important to look at the relationship between microcosm as human beings and macrocosm as the universe, to gain the knowledge about the elements and redesign a life full of health and happiness. Adopting the basic and natural lifestyle helps one dissolve its ego and to reach and know the real meaning of living a healthy and happy life. ENERGY HEALINGS : Bio field mechanics has now been recognised and associated parallel to the modern medicine as an alternate therapy or some time going deep into the realities of how a medicine can accelerate healing affect in our body if combined with the energies. The teaching concerning the chakras, centres of energy and awareness within a person is thousands of years old. Through the energy massages, with the healing hands of a holistic person, one can experience the hidden potential residing in human beings. Nimisha is best in PSYCHO ANALYTICAL ENERGY HEALING, her own signature treatment that helps the people come out of their structures or patterned lives to explore the vast and limitless potentials of their being and how the simple ideas at the subtle level can cure many chronic diseases. You can book a session for a “Consultation Session” with her, and later join her online teachings and healings if you like.

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