Pooja Iyer

State President, Karnataka Higher Education Council


Pooja Iyer is a Global Career Counsellor certified by UCLA. She has an MBA in International Business from Symbiosis and a specialization from Harvard in Digital Marketing. She has lived and worked across geographies like the US and Europe and worked in various industries. This experience has given her a very good understanding of the various career options that exist across the board. She has always been passionate about the education sector, because she believes that learning is lifelong, and she is happy to be playing a role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. As per the recently published World Economic Forum report, the demand for many traditional career options are on the decline, while a number of new career options are growing. At this juxtaposition it is very important for students to identify the right career path for themselves. Whether a student is a high performer or an average performer, each and every student has his/her own strengths, which when identified will help them determine their career choice.

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