Poonam Bindal

State President, West Bengal Entrepreneurship Council


Poonam Bindal is representing world’s second large company for circular knitting machine Pailung. She is member of WBHA (West Bengal Hosiery Association) & BHMA (Bengal Hosiery Manufactures Association). She has also been attending ITMA (International Textile & Machinery Exhibition) Regularly for the fast decade, in order to be upgraded on latest technologies. Poonam has diversified into distribution channels of FMCG and in successfully associated with the Modi Group of Industries for the last 24 years. She is presently residing with her mother and is managing home & Business single handedly. Poonam’s recreational activities include book reading, solving crosswords & watching light movies. She places immense faith in God and believes that the Universe is Playing an Important part in her life in bringing Peace and happiness.

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