Rabiah Bhatia

National Sector Councils


Be a Better Version of Yourself..., Curriculum Creator.A Facilitator for Education Sector and AChange maker. Brand & Communications Head for Individuals & Organizations. Conductingworkshops on various topics such as Treasuring each child, Promoting Kindness everywhere, Creating Happiness, Goal of Education, Creating Harmonious relationships, Anger Management, Stress Management, Attitude of GratitudeAnd the most important topic is "create good causes to earn good fortune. For Teachers, Students and Parents." Teacher -Student Relationship Building, Parent -Child Relationship Building.I am a Facilitator, Mentor, Educationist and a Learner.My goal is to continue applying the principles of HumanisticApproach in all paths of my life. I believe in the importance of observational learning.I learned that my inner transformation was the key to achieve any goal.A Spoken English Trainer Certified with British Council, Currently associated with the Education sector and handling PR, Social Media & Recruitment. An Independent HR, a WorkshopFacilitator, Mentor&Brand & Communications Headwith various Schools such as @ Sahaj International School, Ramagya Group, National Victor Public School, Vaishali. Experienced Senior Public Relations, HRHead & Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the various domains. Having spent 17 years as a working professional, I have had an enriching experience of working on and understanding varied industries. I would like to proceed further on this path and work on more projects that will give me a chance to employ thisknowledge to achieve good results and also give me an opportunity to explore new avenues. Expertise in Operations Management, HR Policy Formation Marketing, Brand Management & Communication, Training, Content Writing, Customer Service & HR Operations, policies & procedures and Performance management.I won’t say that I am talented however, I am equipped with few things which I feel I should use for the sake of the improvement of society as well as to make each person understand that their happiness lies in their own hands.My passion is to create a peaceful society. My passion is to spread love and happiness. My passion is to opening children’s eyes to the wonder of the world around them and to their role as guardians of their environment.My most important contribution is to always applythe principles of humanistic approach in all spheres of my lifeand apply Kosen Rufu in every sphere and area of my life, be it personal or professional.

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