Rakhi Dugar

State President, West Bengal Wellness & Wellbeing Council


I am Rakhi Dugar,a certified life coach. and a holistic healer.Under the banner of Soul Tribe I have had the pleasure of enriching lives .Soul Tribe is a wellness organization offering services such as Life Coaching,Holistic Healing, Crystal therapy, Angel Therapy,Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Dream Analysis.I am also a certified Pranic Healer. While consistently and persistently engaged in delivering results in a complex and challenging environment of today’s competitive world, I had an emotional and traumatic life experience six years back which left me with questions and no answers. This experience opened the door of a positive and mystical world which led me to believe , nothing is co incidental but has a true reason and purpose behind it.Deep diving into the wellness realm i could inspire myself as well as others. Hence, my journey started. My sole aim for joining WICCI is to strengthen women through effective networking and collaboration. I would also like to hold workshops dealing in overall wellness of women.Organize programmes for corporate funding. Create awareness among people about WICCI and its purpose of existence. Through my Wellness Council I would like to network and collaborate with different WICCI members to attain life skills. My council would teach women that they are creators and not victims. Training women to believe in the power of thoughts and mind as we manifest what we think. I would like to tell every woman – CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY. We are unlimited and inseparable. Thank You.

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