Riza Pelaez

President, Japan - India Business Council


Thought Leader, Visionary for Women, Certified Life Coach, Businesswoman, Humanitarian, Spiritual Seeker and Compelling Speaker, Riza manifests multifaceted leadership with compassion & humility.


Women Empowerment:

Riza is the Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of Women Empowered Institute (WEI), a training and consulting company based in Japan. WEI is creating events and workshops impacting young girls and women entrepreneurs in Japan. Through workshops, seminars and coaching programs, university students widen their opportunities to pursue their dream jobs before they even finish their studies, helping them boost their confidence and understanding and overcoming their cultural barriers.

Riza is also the Chairperson of Japan Chapter of All Ladies League (ALL), the largest communities of women entrepreneurs and leaders that have opened opportunities for thousands of women worldwide for their personal and professional growth. With an inspiring network of 1,50,000 inspiring women worldwide and ever growing with the unique spirit of ‘sisters beyond borders’, ALL with has 800+ chapters or ‘circles of sisterhood’ worldwide.


Riza is the KeyNote Lead Japan of KeyNote Women Speakers that is headquartered in Singapore, the world’s leading directory of female public speakers bringing diversity on international stage.


Lastly, she is the head committee for organizing the first ever Women Economic Forum (WEF) in Japan for February 2021.


Awards & Accolades:

Recognised and lauded for her work across Japan, Riza has been awarded as an Exceptional Women of Excellence at the Women Economic Forum (WEF) held in Delhi, India. Featured and collaborated with Uprizine, an online intersectional feminist magazine about Overcoming Cultural and Racial Barriers edition and featured at the KABAYAN (an Overseas Filipino magazine) for their women empowerment untold story edition.


The turning point: Riza reached her own turning point when she realised that following rules her entire life didn't make her happy: an abusive relationship, becoming a young widow and mother, it all made her take control of her life once and forever; and she's motivated to help you turn your own story and inspire a positive change so you can own your future.

Victim to Victor (V2V) Blueprint: We all have victim mindset based on personal experience that stop us from achieving our full potential. Here Riza created a blueprint on how to find your own voice, becoming victor and living your life by your own set of rules.

Riza is an all-in risk-taker, women's advocate and a piece of living evidence that overcoming fear and eliminating victimhood mindset are the breaking point to achieve something extraordinary.

Working with Riza, you’ll shift your perspective in life and own it, so you know that your future is forever in your hands.


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