Sangita Modi Chatlani

National President, Social Service Council


Sangita is an entrepreneur and runs three successful businesses in different fields. She is immensely passionate about her work in the manifestation and motivational field. She has previously been the CEO of an NGO in which life changing seminars help transform the life of people struggling in various parts of life. She specifically takes interest in working with the under privileged and helping them to live a better quality of life and runs a company that helps them get employment. Currently, she is passionately working on her sweets business and building a brand for it. She has been a model and has done some work in the media industry as well. She grew up in the United Kingdom and has lived in various countries, broadening her horizon, her experience in life and people skills. In her leisure time, she puts her focus on being involved in helping women with life trauma and depression & is eagerly looking forward to working with women in domestic abuse situations.

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