Shikha Agnihotri

State President, Delhi Public Safety & Security Council


I am passionate about teaching Empowerment based Self Defense and to bring change in the field of crime against children and women. I bring 13 years of experience in researching & contributing to education industry, making it more dynamic and powerful through experiential learning programs. Life is a precious gift however it is a fact that safety is unpredictable in the environment We live in. Self Defense and Self Protection are crucial for Today’s Women. To be mentally & physically strong, is the need of the hour. Like any other skill, this too can be learnt, practiced and perfected. Being working in the field of Self Defense, I would like to introduce you to the #1 Life Saving Skill which will develop survival mindset, easy to learn and works at physical and mental levels. With the help of this STRIKE Self Defense System which inspired by world’s best fighting systems, you’ll never be a VICTIM in your life. I have changed thousands of lives with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. And I am committed to reach every single girl/ women in India to empower her and instil confidence in her mind and body to face any threat and overcome her fears while living a powerful and blissful life, ultimately making her STRONGER physically & psychologically.

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