Sumita Mehra

National President, Interiors & Home Furnishing Council


Inquisitive, Passionate and versatile designer would be the best words to describe Sumita Mehra, founder of the brand Sumita Mehra Reflections, an interior design studio in Delhi. She has an extensive experience of eighteen years which could be seen in her designs of dream houses and inspirational work spaces. Her inquisitiveness always thrive her to explore something new in her every assignment. Ms Mehra has delivered more than 200 projects, however, her creative thinking and innovative ideas make her each project unique in its own way. In her words, “the force that drives me to design is the sense of being alive. As long as we are curious, we are alive.” Versatile in her nature, she loves to work with wide range of design styles; be it modern, Ultra Modern, classical, Contemporary, art-deco, Industrial, Bohemian, Scandinavian, Moroccan or it be any other. She is the person who always loves to explore new design styles, new forms and brings out the newness and freshness with most common design styles. She finds her inspiration in nature and everyday life. According to her, it is nature which provides us source of energy and if we work in harmony with it, we can make our mother earth more beautiful. She believes nature has the ability to set a sense of serenity and peace. It helps us in creating a harmonious and balanced design with the environment and surroundings. Using her experience in not only designing personalized spaces which reflect the taste and the style of the clients but also sharing her learning with her client is important to her. She has designed a Non-Vocational Interior Course which has essence of her practical knowledge she learned in 18years of her career. This course is useful for both women who have interest in beautification of their places and students who want to explore their inclination towards this field and like to opt as interior designing as their career. “For me designing acts as a therapy. It might be a lot of detailed work, but at the end of the day, what makes me happy is the happiness and satisfaction on my client’s face.”

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