Uma Ekambaram Iyer

State President, Karnataka Child Care Council


Dr. Uma Ekambaram Iyer from Chennai is an engineer, and after her doctoral study in the USA, worked in the high-tech industry for several years in Silicon Valley. Science and Music were of interest to her even from her childhood years. After moving to Bangalore with her husband and son, she started volunteering in the areas of Science, Math, English and Special Education. She has been part of a team guiding high-school children for their Science projects in a CBSE curriculum. She also volunteered in a start-up for teaching Mathematics to school children and in teaching English Communication to children, youth and professionals. Interacting with children is very inspiring for her since they are always full of energy and bustling with new ideas. She strongly believes in STEM education. She is currently a trustee in an NGO promoting Classical Music and Performing Arts where children are encouraged to participate actively. She works in the electronics industry for a consulting firm. She has been a member of the WICCI National Childcare Council since its inception in April 2021.

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