Vaishali Vaishnav

State President, Gujarat Entrepreneurship Council


An entrepreneur with more than 10 years’ experience in Admin and HR in the Corporate sector, I finally found my calling in Fashion and fulfilled my passion for de-signing only after marriage and having two beautiful kids. I strongly believe in promoting traditional craftsmanship and have always loved the vibrancy of Kutchi hand em-broidery. Thus, was born my entrepreneurial venture – Vibrant Kutch. After working with and promoting artisans from villages I realized that the market for authentic handmade traditional products at profitable prices is for the Elite. There is a demand, but that demand is very niche. The journey continued and today at Vibrant Kutch, you will see traditional textiles from across the nation, namely, Bandhani, leheriya, maheshwari, Kota Cotton, kalamkari, ikat and the list goes on. A vibrant collection of Sarees, Suits and dupattas from all over India. I then started another venture called India Ka Fashion. Here I showcase exclusive designer pieces for the regular as well as elite classes. Each piece is unique and is a designer wear. My focus is on QUALITY and not quantity. Together Vibrant Kutch and India Ka Fashion help me showcase my skills as a designer and help me chan-nel the inner artist. The advent of social media and marketing thereof also brought an interesting oppor-tunity my way. I started with promoting my own businesses on Social media and when the referrals and orders started pouring, I realized that Social Media Marketing was a huge market by itself and soon was asked to do the same for friends. This is how I got into full-fledged SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING and I am having fun. I learnt a lot during my ongoing journey, which inspired me to support women entre-preneurs to boost their business offline as well as online. I also take sessions on So-cial Media Marketing at premium institutes like Entrepreneurship Development Insti-tute of India and several others. I had been a part of the Rotaract movement of Rotary International from 2003 on-wards and was the District Rotaract Representative for the year 2007-08 of RI Dist. 3050 which covered Rotaract Clubs of Gujarat, Rajasthan and some parts of Madhya Pradesh where we undertook projects of Community service and many other avenues for the Youth and for people of society coming from different sections. Loving what you do and having fun while doing it is the best possible way to work and right now, I feel like I am in an adventure park enjoying the ride.

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