About Councils

WICCI organisational structure consists of the following:

A) National Executive Council

The National Council will comprise of the following:

National President

4 Vice Presidents who are also Presidents of the 4 regional councils (North, South, East & West)

20 National Elected Members from Large Industries;

20 National Elected Members of SME Sector;

20 Nominated members;

Vice-President of the 4 Regional Executive Councils (East, West, North & South);

President & Vice-President of the National Sector Councils;

President & Vice-President of the State & Union Territory Councils;

President & Vice President of the Bilateral Country Councils;

Director General of WICCI will be the Member Secretary:

Founder President of WICCI will be a permanent ex-officio member.

B) Regional Councils Executive
C) National Sector Councils
D) State Councils & Union Territory Councils
E) State Sector Councils
F) City Councils
G) Bilateral Business Councils

Role of Councils: Each of the Councils will take up advocacy, representation and recommendations with Government of India, with State and Union Territory governments and other important stakeholders for pro-active participation in policy making, better incentives, better access to finance and other measures to improve the competitiveness of Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs and Professional Women in all walks of life. They will also pro-actively seek government funds for conducting important research studies, for skilling women for a modern inclusive India, and for promoting women across businesses, industry, trade and commerce.

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