Charu S. Gupta

State President, Rajasthan Human Rights Council


Charu S. Gupta is an explorer, Founder of a social community named as “SEHER”, Professional dancer, Writer, Blogger, Co-author and an artist by heart. She has previously worked with more than 6 NGO’s (Team Everest, Bhumi, Padsquad etc.) and is still on the way to pave more roads for women and children in India. She has also been a part of various start-ups in their business arena and will continue to do so for the coming years ahead. A passionate writer, her 2 books have been published as a co-author, she has also been a community member in WOMEN IN TECH-Global Movement since last 1 year. She is an enthusiastic person with an in-depth approach to life who believes in following a free path and trajectory without confining into a box. Charu says “Enjoy the process of creating and exploring new stuff in life coz you never know where you can land ahead”. She has previously worked as a STEM and education Mentor as well and looks forward to new opportunities that’ll make her diverse and distinctive in life.

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