• To do all acts for the improvement of the business environment for women and help them expand and grow in a true spirit of sisterhood, dignity and bonding; and not to bring into any of our acts, any elements of religion, dogma, politics or negativity;
• We have a One Person - One Post Policy for Council Posts; make sure your council members are not part of any other WICCI Councils.
•In case you are including family/relatives in the council, it requires prior declaration and approval;
• Council cannot support or endorse the awards of another organisation;
• Council cannot fundraise for another organisation;
• When helping underserved communities with livelihoods, sales, marketing, then all the proceeds should go to them;
•In case the Council is organising trade fairs, then proceeds from the same must come to the council funds and be properly accounted for and utilised toward the council’s non-profit mandate;
•Wherever the WICCI logo is used for council endeavours or social media, it must carry with it the name of the specific council;
• All MOUs carried out by councils can only be done in the name of the Specific Council (and without any financial exchange or commitments involved). Draft MOU of general cooperation is available with Secretariat;
• Prior to a collaboration, please consider the following: What role is the council playing - is it serving the council mandate - how are the members’ benefitting - is the partner working in a non-profit spirit - what is the quid pro quo - among others.

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