1. To do all acts for the improvement of the business environment, socio-economic ecosystem and policy frameworks for women and grow our She-for-She spirit of sisterhood and bonding; and not to bring into any of our acts, any elements of religion, dogma, politics or negativity.

  2. Councils do not interfere nor make any statement on matters of geo-political nature, and leave it to the wisdom of diplomatic and government channels.

  3. Councils do not interfere nor make any recommendations for issuance of visas, and leave it to the wisdom and policies of respective governments and immigration authorities.

  4. We have a One Person - One Post Policy. Kindly make sure you/ council members are not part of any other WICCI Councils.

  5. Kindly use office bearer titles exactly as conferred by WICCI. Do not create any other titles.

  6. Councils cannot support or endorse the awards of another organisation.

  7. Protocol for fees/registration for council events: Kindly don’t raise any funds nor collect any fees or sponsorship in the name of our platforms. To implement any council events, you can have an organising partner who will look after the registrations and cost commitments as required in a non-profit spirit.

  8. Do not use the WICCI platform to reach out to members to seek donations however needy.

  9. When helping underserved communities with their livelihood creation activities/trade fairs, then all proceeds should go directly to them.

  10. Regards WICCI Awards, please see “AWARDS” tab on the website. The proposed awardees need to be pre-approved by WICCI. Please contact the Central Secretariat for more details and guidelines.

  11. Social media communication/sharing should be done from the respective WICCI Council handle. The Council President can make one and ensure compliance to code of conduct. WICCI Council social media handles can only post WICCI related events and activities. Commercial promotions or any other promotions of external events and awards unrelated to WICCI are not permitted.

  12. Wherever the WICCI logo is used in any graphic/content, it should carry with it the name of that specific council.

  13. WICCI logo in any communications must be placed prominently. Logos of external event associates or sponsors (where applicable) should be placed separately in smaller size or in the footer section.

  14. Use of personal company logos of Office Bearers is not encouraged unless their company is supporting a particular event by way of sponsorship or as knowledge associates.

  15. In case you are including family/relatives or employees from same organisation in a Council, it requires your prior declaration and Secretariat approval.

  16. Admins/Passwords of Council pages on social media or any websites set up should be shared with WICCI Secretariat and also seamlessly transferred to incoming Council Presidents.

  17. Proposed Council projects for any programs/studies to be conducted and funded by government/corporates, need to be vetted and approved by the Secretariat. Such projects can only be in the nature of skilling/mentoring/advisory/studies for policy suggestions. Please contact the Central Secretariat for more details.

  18. Prior to associating with any partners, please consider: is it serving the council mandate - is the partner working in a non-profit spirit - are women benefitting?

  19. Uphold mutual respect and graceful cooperation in all council workings and meetings. Any interpersonal issues of a council/ members must be resolved internally and amicably among the Office Bearers. We have zero tolerance for defamatory/disputatious communication. We stand for sisterhood with a culture of positive energy and exchange.

  20. Recommendations to Government: These must only sent by the Council President. National Sector Councils are to send their policy recommendations to the concerned ministries in the Central Government with a copy to the Secretariat. National Councils will develop their suggestions in consultation with their State councils. For the Budget recommendations to the Finance Ministry, these must be finalised by October every year and sent by the National Council directly to FMO with a copy to the Secretariat. For State Specific recommendations, State Councils will send their recommendations likewise to the CM/FM/Ministry of their respective State with copy to the Secretariat. The Councils can also seek meetings with ministries to explain their recommendations. Previous recommendations from our various WICCI Councils to the Government are available here: https://www.wicci.in/recommendations

  21. In case of violation of code of conduct, office bearers may be removed/replaced, and/or are at liberty to resign from the nominated roles.