Dr. Bhakti Lata Devi

National President, Water Resources Council


Dr Bhakti Devi is trained as Civil & Environmental Engineer along with a PhD in Urban Water. Dr Bhakti has spent 25 years of her active working career in the water & sustainability industry in Australia. She is a global expert on user-led water conservation which is the future of water in cities. She has worked as Decentralised Water Strategist for City of Sydney & Sydney Water Corporation. Examples of the programs she has led & executed include: 1) Decentralised Water Master Plan for City of Sydney that triggered several innovative & Award Winning water programs & projects including Smart Green Apartments , Stormwater Harvesting @ Sydney Park , Raingarden Integration into Road & Footpath Renewals to name a few. 2) Award winning Water Conservation Program for Businesses & Offices informed by Water Auditing of several types of Water End Using Sectors. Dr Bhakti has recently relocated to India with a vision to create a water secure & water sustainable Urban India. She has founded Urban Water Doctor whose mission is to empower & enable water users in recreating their water systems so they reduce their dependence on water tankers by 50 to 100%. Since relocating to Bangalore in 2018, ● She has designed, tested & validated a Water Diagnostic & Solution Planning service that helps water users to transform their existing water-stressed properties in cities & towns to become sustainably water sufficient. This is based on a survey of 100+ Apartment Communities, 20+ solution providers & comprehensive assessment of 25 Apartment complexes in Bangalore. ● She has designed training modules on Urban Water Literacy & Urban Water Accountability that need to be urgently scaled across all cities and towns of India. 1

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