Saomyaa Chaturvedi Nagar

State President, Gujarat Media & Communication Council


Mrs Saomyaa Chaturvedi, 32 years residing at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. By qualification PhD in Human Resource Management & Certified Life Coach, prefer keeping Low profile on work as well as social front. Successfully Running an all women Community by the name Womenology, where ladies apart from buying and selling learns new life skills and stress Management. Saomyaa is mother of 1 girl child managing multiple business, NGO works, Ecological Activities. In past had worked with IT sector (Cyber Com Creations) and Industrialist such as Durgesh Impex Private Limited from 2008 till 2018 has diversified knowledge of HR & Admin Sectors under different categories. Since 2018 she has been the Pillar of Strength to her husband’s business (Cabs & Taxi Business) & still exploring multiple sector growth and knowledge. Community Named Womenology has been started in 2018 in order to support low income or work from home start up based ladies as no one wants to create brand for new comers easily. Started with 10 ladies now there are more than 300 on board members from various fields across Ahmedabad. In June 2020, She has been elected as JILA SACHIV for BJP’s women welfare wing after looking into her dedication and work towards the women empowerment since 2018.

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