Snehal Joshi

State President, Uttar Pradesh Emotional Wellness Council


Snehal is experienced HR Professional over a decade and now worked as HR Consultant with SME’s , currently working with KANDOR Public speaking and leadership Training Firm as a Trainer, Behavioral Trainer, an educator and most of all a very passionate Emotional Intelligence enthusiast and Life skill coach. She believes “Training and coaching is Transformation.” Training and coaching is the purpose of her life. Her indomitable persuasive nature inspires and encourages people to realize their entire inner potential and ensures positive transformation in them. Snehal is a virtuous self-believer and an optimistic trainer. This quality of hers ensures all her training sessions are dynamic, energetic, result oriented and value for money. With rich corporate experience as a HR professional, Snehal has thorough insight on the corporate training needs and this absolutely helps her to dynamically structure and design all her programs to high standards. She is passionate about transforming people towards better behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, effective and assertive communication, Customer Service, Team Building, helping people to be self aware and regulate their own emotions ,persuading them to indulge in creative thinking and innovation. Snehal is bidirectional communicator which make her seminars and workshops very interactive, interesting and useful to the participants. In addition to her innate passion towards the profession, she is a certified trainer from IATD. Her trademark is “Great thoughts create Great lives.”

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