Supriya Rehil

Union Territory President, Chandigarh Diversity & Inclusion Council


I am a multifaceted professional with more than 18 years of diverse experience across the education, retail and corporate sectors. My career innings span across coveted global organizations such as Marico, DE Shaw, Odgers Berndtson and Allianz Partners. I have performed myriad roles that encompass both depth and versatility, given my extensive exposure and contribution within client service, human resource management, policy formulation, organizational strategy and program execution. I have led several projects related to talent development and engagement, diversity and inclusion, communications, learning and development, CSR events and campaigns. Compassion, resilience, agility and steadfastness of purpose perfectly describe my core as an individual. I have always thrived out of ingenuity, challenging the status quo at every step of my journey. My entrepreneurial acumen to see through the fruition of whatever I take on demonstrates my incessant inclination towards growth that particularly emerges from new and unfamiliar experiences. I feel very strongly about the cause of LGBTQ+ rights. Inclusion to me is not a mere concept, it is a practice that needs a lot of dedication and nurturing. It is critical to create ecosystems that support and provide a sense of belonging for all.To take this work to the next level, I am currently building a solid blueprint of diversity and inclusion. Creative pursuits at all levels propel me to keep my expression authentic and alive. My ardent love for animals, music, home décor and styling, poetry, baking, self-discovery in spirituality, offroading, travel and adventure is an integral part of my insatiable quest for life.

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