Tove Lovisa Bergkvist

President, Sweden - India Business Council


Tove Lovisa is the founder of Savvy Females and a coach and mentor for women that are ready to break through their limitations and connect with the core of their powers. She has a natural passion for empowering others and are driven by the potential to make this world a better place. Savvy Females is a community of purposedriven leaders on a mission to empower the world with female brilliance and utilize the power of unity to build bridges between cultures, continents and economic levels. The core vision for Savvy Females is to empower the population to feel enthusiastic about the innovative ideas that will move the culture forward and work through a positive shift for humanity. To support the vision of a better future and to entertain the original ideas that are innovative, inventive and resourceful for the evolution of our society. Tove is also the author of the book Sixth Sense Success – Embrace your feminine intuition in business. A book about femininity and intuition from a business point of view. And the former director of Global Woman Club Norway. She is experienced in management and business development and has on her professional journey developed her own style of working with entrepreneurial thinking in fusion with spirituality and embrace empowerment, emotions and change to deliver value through purpose driven actions. She says that when we realize the amount of power we already have inside of us we unleash ourselves as a force of limitless creation. And when we chose to use that force to serve the world we will unite with a higher power bigger than ourselves and become one with the true miracle of Life. She will Love to connect with you and get to know you to see how she can be of service and add value to the path you have ahead of you.

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