Dearest Soul Sister,
We are very happy that you would like to take a position either as National or State Sector President role and contribute to the growing role of women in business and professions.

Please do have a look at the available open positions at current list of office bearers list: and then apply for the one of the open positions in a sector of your choice ( sectors represented: ). Please do choose a second preference as well. For Bilateral Councils give name of Country. For city and State councils just state city or state name.

Then send me an email at with the following:
Full Name:
Organisation or Company name:
Mobile no:
Email id:
Detailed Bio:
Date of birth:

President Position applied for: National/ State sector / Bilateral / Multilateral  or City council Sector applied for: Alt second sector preference:

Please note we need all these details to consider your application. Please do not leave any information incomplete. We will revert within a week. Looking forward to welcoming you to the ever growing WICCI family.
DG Ritu Singh