We welcome women leaders to take a position at one of the various Councils of WICCI. 

See Council Categories and Organisational Structure: https://wicci.in/wicci-organisational-structure

To lead as President of any one of the WICCI Councils at National, State, City or Other, follow these steps: 

STEP 1: Please go through the available open positions and current list of office bearers list: https://www.wicci.in/current-list-office-bearers 

STEP 2: Please go through the Role of President: https://wicci.in/wicci-organisational-structure across the different Council Categories. 

STEP 3: Apply for any one of the open positions in a sector of your expertise as available here or suggest a new non-overlapping one: https://www.wicci.in/sector-representative 

STEP 4: Send an email to WICCI DG Ritu Singh at ritu@wicci.in with the following information:
Full Name: 
Title and Company: 
Email id:  
Mobile no: 
Detailed Bio: 
Position applied for: National/ State / City/ Bilateral / Multilateral  
Sector applied for (National/State/City Sector Councils): 1st preference: 2nd preference 
For State and City Councils (sectoral or coordinating): state the state or city name
Preference of Council type: Sectoral or Coordinating 
For Bilateral/Multilateral: Provide Country Name and state whether you are based in India or in the country of request. For Multilateral mention the multilateral entity.

Post submission of the above, we will revert within a week with next steps. 
All are pro bono voluntary roles. Membership is free and by invitation. 
Welcome to the ever growing WICCI family.  Together We Can.