Role of President/VP and Council: General Overview

The key role and responsibility of the President of a Council is to constitute and build a robust team for empowering recommendations from the council. 

Toward this, the President will nominate a council comprising a Vice President and 20 Women or more as Council members from related/interdisciplinary fields. 

Each President can also nominate one Denim Club Partner who will support her in the mandate. While Men are Not Members in Councils, they are welcome as Advisory Members through the Denim Club (Group of He for She Champions). 

The Denim Club is a Group of He-for-She Champions worldwide, comprising male allies in of gender equity and equality. Together we can bridge the gaps faster and better in shared vision of greater equity, inclusion, security and solidarity, empowering one and all. 

Thus: every Council President will form the council with One Denim Club Partner (Male ally), One Vice President, and 20 or more women as Council Members. The President can also invite more He-for-She Champions as Advisory Members (Denim Club). 

Recommendations from the Chamber: to take our mandate forward to drive change with advocacy and actions, we request all Presidents to kindly send recommendations from respective Councils to the related ministries and authorities. Details on how to go about it and recommendations submitted already are available here: 

Council Document & Social Media Banners: All Presidents are requested to make a council document comprising profiles of members as above and share at the earliest with the WICCI secretariat to upload on the website. Download here The Sample Council Document template. The social media banners of the council President and Vice President will be shared by the WICCI Secretariat once the nomination process is complete. The council banners and any event banners shall be prepared and promoted by the council itself. Templates are available with the Secretariat upon request. 

Council Roles: See Organisational Structure

*Additional Roles as per Council Category *

National Sector Council Presidents: In this National role, council presidents also provide nominations for State Presidents/Vice Presidents for the sector councils across the country in the 36 States/UTs.

Regional Council Presidents: In this Regional role, council presidents also provide nominations for more State Presidents/Vice Presidents across the different States and Cities in the respective regions for both sectoral and coordinating councils.

State/UT Council Presidents: In this State-wide coordinating role, council presidents also provide nominations for more State Sector Presidents as well as City Coordinating Presidents in various cities of the State/UT.

State/UT Sector Presidents: In this State-wide sectoral role, council presidents also provide nominations for more City Sector Presidents across various domains.

City Council Presidents: In this City coordinating role, council presidents also provide nominations for further City Council & Sector Presidents in other cities of the State.

City Sector Presidents: In this City sector role, council presidents also provide nominations for more City Sectors Presidents in other cities across the State.

Presidents of Bilateral / Multilateral Business Councils: In the Bilateral / Multilateral Business Councils, the focused activity would be to bring businesswomen from both countries together for supporting their business growth and market expansion. There will be Counterpart Councils based in both the countries, where a dialogue can take place between businesswomen committed to increasing trade between those two countries. You can also invite as Council Members, the women representatives of large Corporates who have substantial business interests bilaterally/multilaterally. Organising Bilateral / Multilateral Business Summits for Women is encouraged in order to bring all stakeholders together, including from other countries and in a variety of sectors, in coordination with other councils of WICCI present at National, Regional, State and City levels.

Distributed Leadership: as a free, philanthropic and voluntary movement, we follow a distributed leadership model across our platforms. This leadership model involves sharing duties and multiplying outcomes. Kindly organise the activities of the council and its sharing on social media in a way that all members can commit and contribute effectively. When all participate positively and proactively in mutual support, then we can have a millions of gender champions driving the change we seek. Also while there an organisation and systematic approach in the structure, it is not in the spirit of rigid hierarchies but rather for enabling collaboration and co-creation in a spirit of solidarity. Together we can. 

Suggested Council Workings: These are suggestions that can be supplemented further. 

1. The President to invite suggestions from the Council including from Denim Club Partner, Vice President, 20 Council Members and Advisory Members. 

2. Apprise all with FAQs and Code of Conduct as available on website. 

3. Members to Propose and Plan Annual Calendar of Meetings/Roundtables/Actions/Events. Members can determine agenda in view of local context, sectoral needs & interests. Sample Council Activities (Online/Offline)include: Conferences, Summits, Training, Consulting, Surveys, Reports, Recommendations, Publications, Trade Fairs/Expos, et al. 

4. Regularly connect and collaborate with government bodies, ministries, chambers, corporates, universities, schools and non-profits, to empower change at all levels. 

5. Make representations and recommendations for incentives, concessions, policy, legislative and structural changes as required and proposed by council. 

6. Organise delegations and exchange with public platforms, industry forums, institutions, business chambers, among others. 

7. Partner with corporates/government/institutions/media for surveys, studies & projects. WICCI Councils can collaborate as knowledge partners. WICCI councils do not get involved in funding or fundraising. 

8. Sign MOUs of general cooperation with Chambers, Ministries, Corporates CSR etc.(draft MOU of general cooperation is available with the Secretariat). 

9. Publish/Voice Council recommendations on social media and get coverage in other Media.

10. Explore Cross-Council Collaborations. Contact WICCI secretariat to connect to other councils.

11. Social Media Outreach: Follow WICCI main pages, make your Council specific page, and share actively about Council Members and Events.

12. Organise WICCI Awards events. Contact WICCI Secretariat for Nominations and Awards Issuance. View Categories:

13. Join and Share on our Omnibus Facebook Group to share and connect with sisters in the greater global network across WICCI and sister platforms such as ALL Ladies League (ALL), Women Economic Forum (WEF), G100, and SHEconomy. 

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