**Role of President/VP and Council: General Overview
The key role and responsibility of the President of a Council is to constitute and build a robust team comprising a Vice President and minimum 20 WOMEN as Council members. You can have more than 20 as well to develop working teams. Members should be from related region/sector of the Council and largely from business and industry. Youth and Interns are welcome. TOGETHER, ALL WILL tap into diverse team strengths, leverage respective networks and drive goals with participatory and distributed leadership with a spirit of sisterhood. While Men are Not Members in Councils, we welcome you to engage with He-for-She Champions as honorary advisors/external partners toward strengthening our mandate.

Council Workings include:
Some recommended practices that you can supplement:
- collaborate with government bodies, ministries, chambers, universities and non-profits.
- make suitable representations and recommendations for any incentives, concessions, policy, legislative and structural changes.
- organise delegations and exchange with public platforms, industry forums, and other business chambers.
-work with corporates/government for studies & projects with grants and funding from them. (All the various councils in India and abroad find their own funds and do what is possible within those.)
- self-determine agenda in local context & serve members’ interests.
- Schedule Weekly/Monthly Council Meetings.
-Plan Annual Calendar of Meetings/Roundtables/Actions/Events.
- Sign MOUs of general cooperation with Chambers, Ministries, Corporates CSR etc.(draft MOU of general cooperation is available with the Secretariat)
- Publish/Voice Council recommendations in the Media.
-Drive Business-to-Business Connections with Women Worldwide via 500+ National/State/City Councils of WICCI across 150+ Sectors in India and Bilateral Business Councils in 90+ countries.
-Be Active on Social Media: Follow WICCI main pages, make your Council specific page, and share actively about Members and Events.
- Sample Council Activities (Online/Offline)include: Conferences, Training, Consulting, Reports & Publications, Trade Fairs/Expos, Annual Business Summits (Bilateral/Sectoral), Webinars, Hackathons, Business Networking, Media Coverage of events et al.
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